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Friday, September 18th - 8:00pm 
Sunday, September 20th - 8:00pm  
Monday, September 21st - 8:00pm  
Wednesday, September 23rd - 8:00pm  


Thursday, September 24th - 8:00pm  OPENING NIGHT
Friday, September 25th - 8:00pm 
Saturday, September 26th - 4:00pm 
Saturday, September 26th - 8:00pm 
Sunday, September 27th - 8:00pm 

Thursday, August 1st - 8:00pm 
Friday, August 2nd - 8:00pm 
Saturday, August 3rd - 4:00pm 
Saturday, August 3rd - 8:00pm 
Sunday, August 4th - 8:00pm 

Thursday, August 8th - 8:00pm 
Friday, August 29th - 8:00pm 
Saturday, August 10th - 4:00pm 
Saturday, August 10th - 8:00pm 
Sunday, August 11th - 8:00pm 

Thursday, August 15th - 8:00pm 
Friday, August 16th - 8:00pm 
Saturday, August 17th - 4:00pm 
Saturday, August 17th - 8:00pm 
Sunday, August 18th - 4:00pm 


Farewell My Friend: The Romance of Romeo and Juliet is (re)discover theatre’s new adaptation of Shakespeare's infamous work. This production allows the audience to submerge themselves in an immersive, promenade experience that travels throughout multiple rooms. Upon entering audience members are fated to follow either Romeo or Juliet through the rollercoaster of Shakespeare's story. Follow along as these doom- fated characters draw you through a story that is equally driven by text and movement creating a meld of physical and verbal story telling. Inches from these star-crossed lovers you can feel how their story resonates through time and transcends language.

WHERE: Epworth United Methodist Church 

WHEN: September 18 - October 18, 2015*
             Thursdays - Sundays @ 8:00pm and Saturdays 4:00pm**
*Previews September 18 / 20 / 21 / 23
**Closing Performance on October 18 @ 4:00pm

Ned Baker: Romeo
Eliza Fichter: Juliet
Danielle Gennaoui: Nurse
Claire Bauman: Friar
Aaron Wertheim: Benvolio
Kelly Schmidt+: Mercutio
Francisco Lopez: Paris
Eric Duhon: Tybalt
Brennan Roach: Capulet
Kristi Forsch: Lady Capulet
Elizabeth Rentfro: Lady Montague
Brian Barber: Tristan
Shaina Schrooten+: Iseult
Eric Parmer: Ensemble (U/S Tybalt)
Antora DeLong: Ensemble (U/S Juliet, Lady Mont)

Matt Wills+: Co-Director
Janet Howe+: Co-Director / Choreographer
Andrew Lund+: Asst.Director / Movement Design
Genevieve Lally: Asst.Director / Movement Design
Kate Black: Stage Manager
Molly Donahue: Assistant Stage Manager / Fight Captian 
Emily Boyd: Set / Props Designer
Laura Wiley: Lighting Designer
Marisa Allison: Costume Designer
William Bennett: Fight Director
Jack Wallace: Text Coach
Matt Test: Sound Designer
Matt Orenstein: Composer
Bobby Arnold+: Production Coordinator

+ Denotes (re)discover Company Member / (re)sident artist